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The apex body of the real estate sector

CREDAI is the apex body of the organized Real Estate Sector with Developers across the State representing Pan State Associations or Real Estate and Housing Developers. Our objective as is now well known is to promote Housing and Real Estate Developments in an organized, systematic and cohesive manner and to provide a liaison with government bodies to effectively represent the views and needs of the Industry. Twenty State/City Associations spread over 20 States of India are members of CREDAI at the National level with over 6000 Member Developer which encompasses over 60% of the Real Estate Development activity in the country.


The major objectives of Credai are:

  • To perpetuate an ethical code of conduct, which is self imposed and mandatory for all the member developers of CREDAI to maintain integrity & transparency in Real Estate dealings
  • To represent Developers across the State by communicating and representing with the government authorities for the formulation of proactive, efficient as well as effective policies
  • To encourage and support Developers to increase efficiency in developing and introducing latest technologies by having constant orientation and educational programs
  • To assimilate, accumulate, disseminate data, statistics and other related information for our Members and Fraternity
  • To promote the interest of Construction Workers and their families and to educate them on best practices
  • To encourage research in the field
  • To facilitate easy housing finance to customers by working closely and maintaining a good working relationship with leading and dependable financial institutions.

This ethos is culminated every year by us organizing a one if its kind Expo:

FAIRPRO stands distinctly apart from other Realty Events in the following ways;

  • Organized by the Developer Community, it has the highest number of Premium Developers participating in a single event.
  • The most important Realty event in the State Fairpro is attended by the heads of Organizations, top Management and decision makers.
  • Designed as an Industry event it allows for players in the Industry to interact on a single platform

Helping build great spaces

With the expansion and seamless growth of cities, most States will in all probability have a predominantly more Urban population with the 2 and 3 tier Cities being enveloped into the same. As Developers and brethren of the Industry we need to ensure growth in demand simultaneously optimizing growth opportunities for the future whilst maximizing the same for the present. Policy Makers are working on Infrastructure and Related Development Services with a vision of more sustainable and healthy environment for Habitation and planned cities.

It goes without saying that this need will inevitably have to be met by the disciplined activities of Developers such as us to ensure an environment which leaves behind a great atmosphere for our future generations to thrive in and enjoy.

This can become a reality only when concerted efforts of Organizations such as ours takes keen interest in the Development of as well as maintenance of the Infrastructure of the State and Cities with eco friendly measures in their construction methodologies and schemes.

Homes for All

CREDAI’s vision of Homes for All is a goal which will hopefully  be converted into a reality with the support of its Member Developers and a synergy of efforts towards this  common goal. None of us can work independent of the other . Together we can explore and harness energies, strategies, expertise and resources to overcome all constraints to provide better homes to our Public and create a better future for them and our Country.

It has been our constant endeavour to expand our horizons and naturally thereby that of our Consumers. We stand by our commitment to promote cost effective and other affordable housing schemes. Pitching for Industry friendly policies and schemes have long been an integral part of CREDAI ’s functioning.

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